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Visiting Wake Farms in Riverside, Ca

For as long as I can remember I've dreamt about living in a farm, and while that dream hasn't become a reality it was nice to visit a local family farm and take a tour.

Wake Farms is located in Riverside and owned by a welcoming family who not so long ago bought some land and decided they were going to start up a farm. Learning from google and hands on experience. At the moment visits are appointment only. Mostly known for their delicious Avocados in the OC/IE, your local grocery store most likely sales them. If you wanted to go directly to the source you can schedule a pick up and try out their other produce like oranges, grapefruit, tangelo, and lemons.

Wake Farms hosted The IE Mommy Blogger Tribe for a Farm Party! Included in the package is 1.5 hours of a private party space, a guided petting zoo, a walking tour of our farm.

On our drive home we had a conversation with our kiddos about the importance of farm work and how it provides exercise, fresh air, opportunities for problem solving, and appreciation for land and animals!

We can't wait to visit again! Pamela Carlos for captured our visit so beautifully, here are a few more images of the animals we got to see.


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